Financial Services training program

Welcome to the Financial Services training program. You can access introductory training courses for each of the units within Financial Services here. You can go through all of the courses listed below or pick and choose the topics that are important for you right now. Come back and view the courses any time as a refresher.

Introduction to Financial Services

Financial Services is responsible for many of the university's financial and accounting affairs including managing the banking, payroll, accounts payable, purchasing, research accounting and accounts receivable functions as well as managing the commercial card program.

Our department is comprised of four individual units: Payment and Banking Services, Payroll, Purchasing Services, and Research Accounting. 

  • We help you to purchase goods and services and pay for those goods and services
  • We support units on campus in on-boarding faculty and staff and paying those faculty and staff
  • If someone needs to be reimbursed or an honorarium or scholarship needs to be paid, we can help
  • We create invoices to request payment to UVic from external parties as well as process payments made to the university to get the funds to the correct unit on campus
  • We support researchers with all of these activities as well as with reporting and budgeting for their research funds

Introductory training modules


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