Ticketing for payroll requests

As of today, August 11th, payroll requests will generate tickets in the Financial Services ticketing system. The purpose of the system is to provide better transparency to you (our clients) about the inflight and historical requests, and to assist the payroll team in managing the high volume and varied requests we receive.

 Creating tickets

  • The “Sign and Submit” pages have been replaced with new submission forms
  • Emails to payroll@uvic.ca will generate a ticket response
  • For Future dated (incomplete) work, you will receive notification of tickets being created. Migration will occur from the 11th to the 18th.

New features for supervisors and departmental administrators

There are 3 changes that this will introduce to help you and your department.

  1. Updated “Sign and Submit” form(s). There are different sign and submit pages, but they look much like the old one. A new feature allows you to select an approver as part of the ticket submission.
  2. Ticket management interface. The ticketing system allows you to manage your requests through both email and an online interface. You can see what has occurred with your requests, when it’s scheduled, and if it’s been completed.
  3. Better request notifications. To go with the ticket management interface, you can reply to any notification and have it added to the ticket. You will also receive a notification if we have a question about the paperwork.

For more details, check out our How to use the ticketing system help page.

Training / Tour

We will be holding 3 drop-in sessions during August, and encourage you to attend one to learn more. We will give a guided tour of the new system, and give you an opportunity to ask questions. You can add it to your calendar by adding the training from the payroll@uvic.ca calendar to exchange, and then copying the training sessions to your own calendar, or by just showing up to the links below.

The options are:

Other payroll training

For the new school year, payroll is offering sessions on general payroll items:

  • Payroll Basics – Monday 29th of August from 1pm - 2pm (MS Teams Meeting)
  • Electronic hiring for TAs and Casuals (EPAFS) – Wednesday 31th of August from 10am – 11am (MS Teams Meeting)
  • Online time entry – Thursday 1st of September from 10am – 11am (MS Teams Meeting)