Privacy Open Educational Resources

As part of the university's ongoing commitment to increase privacy, records management and information security awareness, UVic has developed several self-paced online privacy, records management and information security training and resource kits. These resources have been developed by the Chief Privacy Officer, the University Archives’ records management program, and University Systems, in collaboration with Human Resources and Technology Integrated Learning.

Several of these resources are available as Open Educational Resources (OER) with a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. You are free to share and adapt these resources as long as you give appropriate credit to the University of Victoria and indicate if changes were made. To request source files for any of the following resources, please contact .

Annual Staff Training 

UVic staff with access to personal information are expected to complete self-paced online privacy, records management and information security training on an annual basis. Five topics are currently available as OER. Each topic contains an interactive scenario and a downloadable tip sheet you can use to solve the scenario. A tip sheet on 'Strong Passphrases' is also available. Click the images below to view the scenarios and tip sheets. If you are a member of the UVic community, please access these scenarios through CourseSpaces: Click here to find out how.

Click on the images below to access the scenarios and the 'Strong Passphrases' tip sheet:

What are your basic responsibilities?
How do you keep information secure?
How do you effectively manage records?
How do you protect privacy?
How do you efficiently manage your email?
Tip Sheet: Strong Passphrases