The chair/director and dean are responsible for reviewing faculty applications for leave and providing recommendations to the vice-president academic and provost for approval. Applications by eligible librarians are reviewed by the university librarian, who provides a recommendation to the provost.

Study and administrative leaves

Study and administrative leaves allow eligible faculty members, senior instructors (this rank is now called Assistant Teaching Professor) and librarians to engage in research, scholarly and creative activities without interruption.

The electronic application for study/administrative leave becomes available to faculty members annually on September 4. Faculty members must submit their application to the chair/director by September 30 even where the chair/director or university librarian may recommend that they defer their leave. The chair/director must provide their reasons and recommendation for the deferral in the electronic application so that it can be reviewed by the Dean. The electronic application is available to librarians at any time and an eligible librarian must submit their application no less than six months prior to the intended commencement of their study leave. For information on the application process visit How to apply for study/administrative leave guide.

Maternity, parental and adoption leave

The university is committed to ensuring that faculty members and librarians feel supported in their decisions regarding maternity, parental and adoption leave.

Faculty members and librarians who choose to apply for a leave should not suffer discrimination or career restrictions. The university provides comprehensive maternity, parental and adoption leave and benefits for eligible faculty members and librarians, as well as provisions for stopping the tenure clock where appropriate. Details can be found in section 49 of the Collective Agreement. The provisions for stopping the tenure clock can be found in section 48.

Chairs and directors are encouraged to consult with their dean in situations where replacing a faculty member on leave will cause complications in the unit.

Medical leave and accommodation