Vice-President Research and Innovation Appointment

Dr. Lisa Kalynchuk has been re-appointed as Vice-President Research and Innovation for a second five-year term. 

About Dr. Lisa Kalynchuk 

As a researcher, Dr. Kalynchuk is known internationally for her work on chronic stress, the neurobiology of depression, and the development of biomarkers for mental health disorders. She was appointed to a five-year term as Vice-President Research and Innovation at UVic on July 1, 2019. Prior to this appointment, she was the Associate Vice-President Research from 2017–2019. She brings great passion and energy to her work as a senior leader, and takes a consultative, team-first approach and is committed to inclusion and diversity of thought. She has led several major strategic planning exercises, including the development of Aspiration 2030, UVic’s research strategy, and has been a driving force toward doubling UVic's research revenues and success in several major national funding competitions. 

The Re-Appointment Process 

The process leading to this re-appointment was conducted in accordance with the university’s Procedures for the Appointment and Re-appointment of the Vice-President Research and Innovation (GV0310). The 17-person committee began meeting in September 2023. The review process involved developing a deep understanding of the requirements of the position; reviewing a comprehensive self-assessment prepared by Dr. Kalynchuk; gathering feedback from faculty, staff and other colleagues; reviewing Dr. Kalynchuk's past performance evaluations; and seeking robust internal and external references. Through this work, the committee had the opportunity to assess strengths and achievements, and understand the challenges faced during Dr. Kalynchuk's first term. They met with
Dr. Kalynchuk to pose specific questions, explore opportunities, and discuss her aspirations for a second term. 

The committee assessed all information presented during the review process and enthusiastically put forward a recommendation to re-appoint Dr. Kalynchuk for a second term. A ratification ballot was held from December 5–12, 2023 in which 77.9% of the faculty who voted agreed with the recommendation of the appointment committee. On December 15, 2023, the Board of Governors met to receive the recommendation, and have approved Dr. Kalynchuk's re-appointment.