Membership - Board of Governors

As at July 2017

*More appointments to be published soon
Appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council
Ms. Ida Chong to 07-31-2019
Ms. Daphne Corbett to 07-31-2018
Ms. Cathy McIntyre to 12-31-2017
Mr. Michael Mitchell to 12-31-2018
Ms. Beverly Van Ruyven to 07-31-2018
Dr. David Zussman to 07-31-2018
Elected by faculty
Dr. Elizabeth Borycki 30 June 2020
Dr. Peter Driessen 30 June 2020
Elected by staff
Mr. Rizwan Bashir 30 June 2020
Elected by student associations
Mr. David Eso 30 June 2018
Ms. Kate Fairley 30 June 2018
Ex officio
Prof. Jamie Cassels, President and Vice-Chancellor
Ms. Shelagh Rogers, Chancellor