Membership - Board of Governors

As at January 10, 2022

Appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council
Mr. Merle Alexander to 12-31-2023
Mr. Keith Barbon to 07-31-2023
Dr. Josh Blair to 07-31-2022
Dr. Marilyn Callahan to 07-30-2023
Mr. Paul Ramsey to 07-31-2023
Ms. Carolyn Thoms to 07-31-2022
Ms. Beverly Van Ruyven to 07-31-2022
Dr. David Zussman to 06-15-2022
Elected by faculty
Dr. Adam Monahan 30 June 2023
Dr. Monica Prendergast 30 June 2023
Elected by staff
Dr. Shailoo Bedi 30 June 2023
Elected by student associations
VACANT 30 June 2022
VACANT 30 June 2022
Ex officio
Dr. Kevin Hall, President and Vice-Chancellor  
Ms. Marion Buller, Chancellor