Stephanie Castle (1925-2017) - In Memoriam

On May 8th, 2017, a founder of trans activism, Stephanie Castle, passed away surrounded by her friends and family. Stephanie Castle was a Vancouver-based author and activist, and founder of the Zenith Foundation and Zenith Digest. Castle was a naval officer, a marine insurance underwriter, ship owner and real estate developer. In her retirement, Castle wrote and published a number of titles about transsexualism and related social, family, economic, political and employment issues.

In 2008, The Transgender Archives proudly accepted the Stephanie Castle collection, which includes:

  • Copies of Zenith Digest
  • Castle's books include Prisoner of Gender and A Tale of Two Wives
  • Material relating to the administration of The Zenith Foundation, and the Foundation's participation as an intervener in the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal case regarding Synthia Kavanagh and the Correctional Service of Canada.

Stephanie was a "Founders Panel" member for the inaugural Moving Trans History Forward conference, March 23, 2014.