Project Guidelines

Projects must relate concretely to the Sustainability Action Plan and therefore primarily impact campus operations in one or more of the following mission areas:


To create a campus culture that provides for sustainability to be integrated into operational, administrative and planning processes, and advanced through collaboration and coordinated decision-makingacross the university



To construct, renovate, maintain and operate campus buildings to green building standards and practices.


To deliver computing services and infrastructure that meets the teaching, research and administrative needs of the campus community, while advancing the sustainability goals of responsible procurement, energy management and waste reduction.


To provide opportunities for students, staff, faculty and community members to learn, share knowledge and collaborate through coordinated programs of engagement, events, training, education and celebration.


To be an institutional model of sustainability, leading the way through innovative local purchasing initiatives and operational sustainable practices that minimize our carbon footprint and provide high quality, ethically sourced, nutritious and diverse food options that sustain the health and wellbeing of our community.


To maintain a campus that fosters an energy conservation culture that utilizes innovative technologies and promotes occupant engagement to continually improve building  performance, as well as providing a comfortable learning and work environment.


To create and maintain a campus landscape that minimizes environmental impacts, enhances biodiversity and maintains aesthetic values.


To provide purchasing and supply management services to the campus community that achieve best value and apply triple bottom line principles to procurement initiatives, incorporating financial, social, and environmental considerations to supply management decisions.


To offer sustainable travel options for every campus community member and visitors, and to act as a hub in a regional sustainable transportation network.


To provide services and infrastructure that advance the university as a Zero Waste campus.


To be an innovator in water use reduction, recovery, reuse and stewardship practices.

Projects must:

  1. be submitted by a campus community members
  2. begin implementation within 12 months of the funding decision
  3. create viable student learning opportunities (preferred)
  4. indicate the amount requested (applications for less than $1000 will be accepted on a rolling basis and fast tracked)
  5. be submitted prior to the bi-annual submission dates (February 15th and October 15th)


Prior to contacting the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability, as the applicant you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. What area of the Action Plan does your project address?
  2. What impacts do you expect your project will have?
  3. Who are the key individuals you are planning to work with on your project and how will their skills contribute to the project’s success?

Accounting and Reporting

We attempt to keep the accounting a reporting requirement to a minimum. An approved project will:

  1. Submit accounting forms for cost incurred, payments requested, wages paid, etc. (see the UVic Accounting Forms page for a list of forms)
  2. Keep original receipts for submission with their forms.
  3. Provide an informal update on their project progress at the approximate mid point of the original project timeline submitted.
  4. Submit a final project report one month after the stated project end date, or at another agreed upon date.
  5. Receive assistance from the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability with any of the the accounting and reporting requirements upon request.

Submitting the accounting forms can seem daunting. We are here to help you navigate the paperwork. Typically we submit the following forms:

  1. Business expense reimbursement claim
  2. Payment request
  3. Timesheet: grant funded and other non-union

We assign an account code to each project and ask that applicants submit their forms using that code. See the following link for an example form.