Fall 2017 Consultation Update

What we have heard so far - Fall 2017 update

Consultation on the development of the new UVic strategic plan has highlighted values, issues and priorities that are important and meaningful to the campus community.

UVic President Jamie Cassels

UVic's next strategic plan

The five-year term of UVic's 2012 Strategic Plan has closed. Now is the time to embark on a new strategic planning process, beginning in fall 2017.

Edge folder, a notepad and pens

Looking to the future

From preparation and planning to preparing and finalizing the new plan, we'll keep the UVic community updated every step of the way.

Our process
A UVic employee at a townhall meeting

We want to hear from you

This is your university, and as we launch this strategic planning process, you'll have the opportunity to influence our direction and our future.

Get involved

An inclusive strategic planning process

The University of Victoria is ready to sharpen its focus and determine its future direction through an inclusive strategic planning process.

As we look to the future, the development of a new strategic framework gives our community an important opportunity to reflect on the changing post-secondary environment, to discuss new opportunities and to work together to develop strategic directions for the next five years. Read the discussion document that has been prepared to catalyze the conversation and support consultations on the new plan for UVic.

UVic president Jamie Cassels invites you to participate in UVic's strategic planning process.

The new strategic plan that emerges will be an ambitious and inspirational strategic framework. It will help us articulate our university-wide priorities, aspirations, goals and ongoing commitments to dynamic learning, vital impact and an extraordinary academic environment. We'll build on the planning and consultation that was completed in the last three years.

The new strategic plan will identify opportunities and strengths upon which the university can build for the future.