Promote sustainable futures

The University of Victoria will be a global leader in environmental, social and institutional sustainability through our research, academic programs, campus operations, and the impact and influence of our students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Over the next five years we will:

  1. Strategy5.1

    Continue to build world-leading research and educational programs that contribute to sustainability on a global scale.

  2. Strategy5.2

    Review and renew our approach to sustainability in every domain (research, education, community engagement and campus operations) to move toward a comprehensive and integrated approach.

  3. Strategy5.3

    Renew and extend our commitment to campus development and operations that meet the highest standards of sustainability.

  4. Strategy5.4

    Ensure that students have opportunities to engage with issues, principles and practices that support social and environmental sustainability, and to develop the knowledge and ethical orientation to contribute to a just, socially responsible and sustainable future.

  5. Strategy5.5

    Ensure the financial sustainability of the university and our ability to pursue excellence by optimizing existing resources through careful planning, earning public support, attracting partnerships, and pursuing a revitalized program to grow and diversify resources through philanthropic and other means.