Advance research excellence and impact

The University of Victoria will excel in diverse forms of research and creative activity, innovation and knowledge mobilization that advance human knowledge, improve and enrich lives, tackle global challenges, and promote the sustainability of the planet. We will heighten our place in the top tier of the world’s research universities.

Over the next five years we will:

  1. Strategy 2.1

    Take the strategic risks and make the investments necessary to pursue and support more opportunities for collaboration, innovation, partnership and external research funding.

  2. Strategy 2.2

    Integrate and align research and education by fostering high-quality research and creative activity across all the disciplines, and by taking focused steps to ensure that learning in every program is enriched by the research culture and activities of the university.

  3. Strategy 2.3

    Invest strategically in existing and emerging areas of research strength that present opportunities for growth, maximum impact and further global prominence.

  4. Strategy 2.4

    Provide resources and develop targeted initiatives to recruit and support a diverse and talented community of researchers, including graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

  5. Strategy 2.5

    Promote more collaboration, partnerships and interdisciplinary approaches on campus and with our external colleagues and partners by increasing support, reducing obstacles, and facilitating engagement through our research centres and other entities.