Engage locally and globally

The University of Victoria will be a preferred partner and a leader in local and global engagement. Working together for mutual benefit with community, private sector, government and other educational and research organizations, UVic will expand and inform its approach to engaged research, creative activity, learning and knowledge mobilization to foster connections and co-create positive change.

Over the next five years we will:

  1. Strategy6.1

    Develop integrated and accessible structures and processes across the university to promote more effective interactions with local and global communities and partners.

  2. Strategy6.2

    Develop and support initiatives, including student mobility and research partnerships in priority countries and regions; experiential and community-based learning and research; intercultural curricula; and other programs to enhance local and global awareness and connections.

  3. Strategy6.3

    Improve community access to UVic and ensure we are a welcoming and culturally aware place for all community members and partners.

  4. Strategy6.4

    Develop and implement enhanced communications with our partners to establish more, deeper and longer-lasting connections, and to advance our profile and reputation.

  5. Strategy6.5

    Increase the engagement of our alumni, retirees, volunteers and partners who support our students, strengthen our connections with communities, engage in lifelong learning, and who are integral to a robust culture of philanthropy.