Cultivate an extraordinary academic environment

The University of Victoria will be recognized internationally as a university of choice for talented students, faculty and staff. People and place provide the foundation upon which we will continue to build an extraordinary environment for the creation, dissemination and mobilization of knowledge. Our beautiful Pacific coast location, inclusive and collegial culture, the influence of Indigenous and international perspectives, and our dedication to the highest standards of teaching, research and creative activity, and service make UVic the place where people want to learn, work, engage and discover.

Over the next five years we will:

  1. Strategy 1.1

    Attract, support and develop a diverse community of talented students, faculty and staff through enhanced resources and programs—including scholarships, academic chairs, professional support programs and workplace practices that recognize excellence and promote wellness.

  2. Strategy 1.2

    Embed practices of equity, diversity, accessibility, inclusion and dialogue throughout the university community so that all members feel welcomed, valued and supported to achieve their highest potential.

  3. Strategy 1.3

    Advance service excellence and collaboration by updating systems, spaces, processes and policies so they fully underpin research and teaching, maximize efficiency, and ensure our accountability and responsibility to our people, partners and society as a whole.

  4. Strategy 1.4

    Implement internal communications practices that enhance individual, unit and organizational effectiveness, promote a sense of shared enterprise and meaningful purpose, and facilitate opportunities for collaboration across the campus.

  5. Strategy 1.5

    Increase the vibrancy of campus life by enhancing the natural and built environment to create more opportunities for interaction and collaboration; and develop infrastructure and programmatic initiatives, including additional student housing and increased opportunities for recreation, cultural activities and social interaction.