2019 Strategic Framework Impact Fund Recipients

In 2019, the following nine University of Victoria initiatives received funding totalling $294,551.

Historical Injustices and Current Realities (HICR) research cluster

This three-year initiative will bring together humanities, fine arts, law, the Centre for Global Studies, and other scholars to establish a research cluster on historical injustices and current realities.

HICR draws together expertise from across campus to pose fundamental questions: What can we learn from historical injustice? How can we apply the lessons of the past? The initiative will include research workshops in the first year, followed by public panels in the second year, culminating in a public symposium and SSHRC Partnership Grant application.

Contact: Helga Thorson

Length of Project: 3 years

Funding: $76,645

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) resources for research plans

This initiative aims to support researchers to build EDI plans tailored to their research programs and proposal writing needs. The initiative will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders for a full-day workshop to discuss EDI best practices in the context of research proposals and programs. The synthesized results will form training materials, which will be placed online and used as a basis for a series of sessions for faculty, post-docs, graduate students and research facilitators/managers. These activities will be led by the Office of Research Services in partnership with the Office of Equity and Human Rights and UVic's Faculty Grant Officers.

Contact: Nicole Kitson

Length of Project: 1 year

Funding: $10,000


Indigenous Knowledge Tours through UVic's Public Art

This Legacy Art Galleries initiative will develop a walking tour of UVic’s Indigenous public art on campus. The tour will be a dynamic interdisciplinary teaching resource, bringing learners on a journey across campus, both indoors and out. Led by Indigenous curator Lorilee Wastasecoot, in collaboration with local Indigenous artists, Elders and knowledge keepers, the tour will use storytelling related to land, peoples and culture to connect visitors and the campus community with UVic’s values of respect and reconciliation.

Contact: Caroline Riedel

Length of Project: 1 year

Funding: $46,600


Climate Solutions Navigator

The Climate Solutions Navigator initiative will convene a cross-campus working group and coordinate activities to identify, develop and implement climate solutions awareness and engagement at UVic over the next two years.  Chaired by the Associate Vice-President Research Operations and the Executive Director of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, the group will include widespread representation from faculty and administrative units and seek to engage broadly across campus in responding to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°.  Through a fit-for-purpose program of work, this initiative aims to identify and inspire opportunities for the UVic community to integrate climate solutions into their own context, while building synergies for ongoing and collective impact.

Contact: Kristy Faccer/Tara Todesco

Length of Project: 2 years

Funding: $50,000

Grant Writing Retreat: Research Grant Application Writing Intensive for UVic Faculty

Recognizing that a big barrier to preparing research grant applications is dedicated time and space, UVic’s six faculty-based grants facilitators organized a two-day writing intensive in August 2019. Attended by 29 faculty members from 7 different faculties, the Grant Writing Retreat mixed presentations on preparing competitive applications with time for writing and opportunities for feedback. All meals were provided and on-site accommodation and childcare were also available. The goal was to encourage faculty members to apply for research funding by creating an environment conducive to their success, one where they felt welcomed, valued, and supported to achieve their full potential.

Contact: Holland Gidney

Length of Project: 1 year

Funding: $10,000

Cultural Capital: 50 Years of creating Victoria with UVic's Faculty of Fine Arts

This initiative involves the development of a 30-minute documentary film, devised to showcase the impact of UVic’s Fine Arts faculty, alumni and students on Victoria's creative history. The film will showcase community impact, interdisciplinary research, creative excellence and dynamic learning experiences, while also sharing the untold story of UVic's role in developing Victoria into one of Canada's acknowledged Cultural Capitals. The film will also be split into 5-minute clips posted on our website and will be presented at the Faculty of Fine Arts 50th anniversary celebrations.

Contact:  John Threlfall

Length of Project:  1 year

Funding: $25,000

Illuminating the Impacts of Language Revitalization

Indigenous Education at the University of Victoria has offered Indigenous Language Revitalization programs in communities since 2002. This initiative seeks to better understand the impact of those programs from the view of our community partners. Additional information on this project will be available soon.


Length of Project: 1 year

Funding: $50,000

Research-Enriched curricula

This LTSI initiative aims to foster the development of research-enriched curriculum and teaching that is informed and enriched by research. This initiative will include conducting an environmental scan of current research-enriched curriculum at UVic and a scan for similar initiatives at other universities. Development of an accessible resource site that will bring together the latest research, best practices and case study examples. It will also involve working with departments to review and map curriculum, and working with instructors to design research-enriched courses. As a result, students will be engaged in the latest research and develop enhanced research capabilities throughout their degree.

Contact: Laurene Sheilds

Length of Project: 1 year

Funding: $12,000

Theatre for education: Re-examining the child welfare system with current and future gatekeepers

This initiative is centred on the use of theatre in education (TIE) to encourage decolonization and address systemic racism among law students, lawyers and judges. The TIE program will be created with graduate and undergraduate applied theatre students in a special topics course. Students will design, facilitate, and reflect on the TIE program, with the aim to identify and explore the influence of colonialism on the current child welfare system. The TIE program will be presented on campus for students at the UVic Law School, and for lawyers and judges in the community.

Contact: Warwick Dobson

Length of Project: 1 year

Funding: $14,306