University plans

The following plans provide tangible operational directions for a wide range of UVic activities:

Strategic Framework 2018-2023

UVic’s Strategic Framework articulates our shared understanding of our vision, values and priorities. It positions and inspires us to apply our commitment to excellence in research and creative activity, teaching, service and engagement to serve students, communities and the world. The framework’s objective is to serve as a guide to our future—setting out priorities in six key areas and articulating strategies to realize them.

Strategic research plan

The UVic Strategic Research Plan 2016-2021 prepares the university for future research excellence and positions us to move forward as we continue to make important contributions to society and the world around us.

International plan

The UVic International Plan: Making a World of Difference 2017-2022 takes our global commitment another step further by identifying key objectives and strategies to move us forward in this era of heightened connectivity, complex geopolitics and increased international collaboration.

Indigenous plan

UVic’s first Indigenous Plan builds on our longstanding commitment to and relationships with Indigenous communities, both local and national. The plan establishes ambitious goals and clear accountability to work together to increase educational opportunities and success for Indigenous students and further develop education, research, outreach and engagement initiatives, and programs with an Indigenous focus. Download the complete Indigenous Plan or view a summary of the plan framework.

Campus plan

How our campus evolves depends on the insights shared by our campus community—students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members. The current Campus Plan is the culmination of a comprehensive planning and stakeholder engagement process and it builds upon the university's 2003 Campus Plan and previous planning initiatives dating back to the defining elements and legacy of the first Campus Plan in 1961.

Campus conversations

Throughout the 2014 fall term, President Cassels engaged in a series of "Campus Conversations." In his ensuing report, Report to the University Community on Campus Conversations, he summarizes thematically much of what was discussed, responds to some of the concerns he heard, and seizes on many of the excellent ideas that emerged in these conversations.

Employment equity plan

The UVic Employment Equity Plan 2015-2020 affirms that equity underlies and is a pre-condition for excellence and that excellence is furthered by a diversity of people, perspectives and experiences.

Planning and budget framework

The three-year Planning and Budget Framework outlines the university’s commitment to quality enhancements including student and faculty supports in order to further build on excellence in education. Within the context of a financially constrained environment, UVic will also focus on key strategic initiatives including implementing UVic’s first Indigenous plan, renewed International plan, first Strategic Research Plan and the updated Campus Plan.

The UVic Edge

The UVic Edge captures our story in a short, clear and compelling way. It's a story we're encouraging everyone on campus to tell, whether you're talking to a prospective student, research partner, a donor or any of our key audiences. The Edge is a way of expressing our authentic story. It came from talking to over 10,000 people on and beyond campus.