The Strategic Framework’s objective is to serve as a guide to our future—setting out priorities in six key areas and articulating strategies to realize them. It provides a structure for our ongoing planning and serves as a reference for making strategic choices. Creating a shared understanding of our goals and priorities enables us to coordinate our efforts and work together to achieve maximum impact.

Driven by a perspective unique to UVic, the Strategic Framework extends the significant planning of the last three years around research, student success, Indigenization, international activity, equity and diversity, the campus environment, and communications. The framework builds upon the strength of our people and our collegial, inclusive and collaborative culture. It confirms our character as a research-intensive and student-centred university, and our commitment to excellence.

The Strategic Framework is the product of widespread consultation and reflects the contributions and ideas of many people across campus and in the community. Bringing our vision to life depends upon the talent and commitment of every member of the university community.