UVic's Strategic Framework

Our vision

We will be the Canadian research university that best integrates outstanding scholarship, engaged learning and real-life involvement to contribute to a better future for people and the planet.

Our values

Our values inform all our actions in achieving our vision:

  • Excellence in all our endeavours
  • Ethical and intellectual integrity
  • Freedom of inquiry and freedom of speech
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion

The University of Victoria’s new Strategic Framework 2018-2023 articulates our shared understanding of our vision, values and priorities. It positions and inspires us to apply our commitment to excellence in research and creative activity, teaching, service and engagement to serve students, communities and the world. The Strategic Framework will serve as a guide to the future – setting out priorities and high-reaching goals in six key areas.

The UVic community is deeply committed to contributing to a better future for people, places and the planet. It is with this in mind that our new Strategic Framework articulates our shared understanding of our vision, values and priorities in fulfilling that commitment.
—from Jamie Cassels, QC, President, University of Victoria

UVic's next strategic vision and plan

Our current strategic framework has served us well but is nearing the end of its time period. Creating a new vision for the University of Victoria is an exciting opportunity for all of us as we consider what the future might hold and how UVic can position itself well for that future. 

This is a project that will need input from our entire community! Together we can determine the kind of university we want UVic to be in the coming decades.

We want to hear from you! Help us imagine the future of UVic.