Don't forget to feed the goldfish!

Don’t forget to feed the goldfish:
The Executive Framework of children’s prospective memory development

Caitlin Mahy, Ph.D.
Brock University

September 20, 2019 in COR A228 3:30 PM


How do children develop the ability to remember to carry out their future intentions successfully and independently from adults? This ability, known as prospective memory (PM), relies on a number of cognitive abilities including memory processes and executive processes. In this talk, I will describe the importance of executive control specifically in the development of children’s PM during the preschool years. I will review several studies from my lab that suggest that PM is: (1) affected by cognitive load during the retention interval (Mahy & Moses, 2015; Mahy et al., 2016), (2) related to individual differences in executive control (Mahy & Moses, 2011; Mahy & Moses, 2015; Mahy, Moses & Kliegel, 2014a), (3) helped by an executive reminder only if children have sufficient executive ability (Mahy, Mazachowsky, & Pagobo, 2018), and (4) dependent on memory processes early in development, but increasingly dependent on executive control as children age (Mahy, Mazachowsky, & Lavis, in progress). Based on this work, I will describe the Executive Framework of children’s PM development (Mahy, Moses, & Kliegel, 2014b) and discuss important directions for future research.