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Department of Psychology
P. O. Box 1700 STN CSC
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada, V8W 2Y2

Courier or in-person address:

University of Victoria
Cornett Building A236
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Rd)
Victoria, BC V8P 5C2

General inquiries:

Phone: 250-721-7525
Fax: 250-721-8929


Dr. Stephen Lindsay

Phone: 250-721-7522

Associate Chair:

Dr. David Medler

Graduate Advisor:

Dr. Sarah Macoun

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Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology (PSYC)

Department of Psychology
University of Victoria
Cornett Building A236
Department of Psychology
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Department of Psychology
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office Natalie Boardman 250-721-7525 COR A236
Secretary Wendy Davies 250-721-8968 COR A236
General Office FAX 250-721-8929 COR A236
Chair Steve Lindsay 250-721-7522 COR A237
Department Secretary Sheena Macaulay 250-721-7524 COR A234
Acting Administrative Officer Kay del Sol 250-721-6142 COR A236a
Graduate Secretary Karen Kienapple 250-721-6109 COR A236
Psychology Clinic Janice Bentley 250-721-7538 COR A163
Psychometrist Laurie Fitzgerald 250-721-7538 COR A165
Psychology Clinic FAX 250-472-5319 COR A163
Electronics Technician Chris Darby 250-721-7544 COR A083
Programmer Analyst Doug Thomson 250-721-7528 COR A175
Administrative Officer (on leave) Annette Barath
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Sare Akdag
Megan Ames
Zahra Asgarizadeh
Tanjeem Azad
Jody Bain 250-472-4491 (campus local: 4491)
Travis Baker
Kyla Basbaum
Janet Bavelas
Janice Bentley 250-721-7538 (campus local: 7538)
Scott Bezeau
Natalie Boardman
Justin Bonnieux
Lorna Breen
Paul Brewster
Graham Brown
Daniel Bub 250-721-7527 (campus local: 7527)
Ai-Lan Chia
Louise Chim 250-472-4490 (campus local: 4490)
Patrick Corney
Catherine Costigan 250-721-7529 (campus local: 7529)
Harry Craver
Chris Darby 250-721-7544 (campus local: 7544)
Wendy Davies 250-721-8968 (campus local: 8968)
Kay del Sol 250-721-6142 (campus local: 6142)
Anthony Dugbartey 250-516-2600
Jing Ee Tan
Kaitlyn Fallow
Laurie Fitzgerald 250-721-7538 (campus local: 7538)
Mauricio Garcia-Barrera 250-472-5067 (campus local: 5067)
Jodie Gawryluk 250-721-7549 (campus local: 7549)
Jennifer Gerwing
James Gibson 250-882-9224
Robert Gifford 250-721-7532 (campus local: 7532)
Kathleen Goodall
Iris Gordon
Karen Grant
Frederick Grouzet 250-721-7537 (campus local: 7537)
Elisabeth Hallam
Kelci Harris
Alex Henri-Bhargava
Sepideh Heydari
Marlise Hofer
Scott Hofer 250-853-3862 (campus local: 3862)
Maria Iankilevitch
Brian Katz
Karen Kienapple 250-721-6109 (campus local: 6109)
Rita Knodel 250-721-8334 (campus local: 8334)
Adam Krawitz 250-721-7551 (campus local: 7551)
Olav Krigolson 250-721-7843 (campus local: 7843)
Devan Kronisch
Chris Lalonde 250-721-7535 (campus local: 7535)
Bonnie Leadbeater
Stephen Lindsay 250-721-8593 (campus local: 8593)
Nigel Mantou Lou
Sheena Macaulay
Stuart MacDonald 250-472-5297 (campus local: 5297)
Sarah Macoun 250-721-7534 (campus local: 7534)
Tony Marley
Michael Masson 250-721-7536 (campus local: 7536)
Catherine Mateer
Erin Mazerolle
David Medler 250-721-6108 (campus local: 6108)
Samuel Morgan
Ulrich Mueller 250-721-7548 (campus local: 7548)
Jhotisha Mugon
Graciela Muniz Terrera
Joe Parsons
Theone Paterson 250-721-7547 (campus local: 7547)
Andrea Piccinin 250-853-3861 (campus local: 3861)
David Polson
Kelly Price
Ryan Rhodes 250-721-8384 (campus local: 8384)
Brett Roads
Lara Robinson 250-891-3871
Jessica Rourke
Marsha Runtz 250-721-7546 (campus local: 7546)
Jonathan Rush 250-472-4861 (campus local: 4861)
Jessica Ryan
James Sawchyn
Colette Smart
Pauline Song
Emily Spargo
Danu Stinson 250-721-6281 (campus local: 6281)
Paweena Sukhawathanakul
Reuven Sussman
Cassandra Szoeke
Cole Tamburri
Jim Tanaka 250-721-7541 (campus local: 7541)
Chand Taneja
Doug Thomson 250-721-7528 (campus local: 7528)
Laurel Townsend
Brianna Turner 250-721-8711 (campus local: 8711)
Lisa Van Bruggen
Verena Willenbockel
Leah Wilson
Erica Woodin 250-721-8590 (campus local: 8590)
Buyun Xu