Awards of Excellence

The 2018 Excellence Award winners are:

CindyAnn Rose-Redwood (geography) - Teaching Excellence Award

Garry Gray (sociology) - Early Career Teaching Excellence Award

Robert Gifford (psychology/environmental studies) - Research Excellence Award

Simon Springer (geography) - Early Career Research Excellence Award

Holland Gidney (Dean's Office) - Meritorious Staff Contribution Award

Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier (anthropology) - Outstanding Community Outreach Award

Social Sciences Awards of Excellence 2018
Excellence Awards 2018 (L-R) CindyAnn Rose-Redwood, Garry Gray, Robert Gifford, Simon Springer, Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier, Dean Krull

The 2017 Excellence Award winners:

Erica Woodin (psychology) - Teaching Excellence Award

Melissa Gauthier (anthropology) - Early Career Teaching Excellence Award

Tim Stockwell (psychology/CARBC) - Research Excellence Award

Natalie Ban (environmental studies) - Early Career Research Excellence Award

Ken Josephson (geography) - Meritorious Staff Contribution Award

Aaron Devor (sociology) - Outstanding Community Outreach Award

The 2016 Excellence Award winners:

Catherine Costigan (psychology) - Teaching Excellence Award

Oliver Schmidtke (political science) - Research Excellence Award

Carole Rains (sociology) - Meritorious Staff Contribution Award

James Tanaka (psychology) - Outstanding Community Service Award

The 2015 Excellence Award winners:

Brian Starzomski (environmental studies) - Teaching Excellence Award

Michelle Bonner (political science) - Research Excellence Award

Jindra Belanger and Cathy Rzeplinski (anthropology) and Joy Austin (political science) - Meritorious Staff Contribution Award

Jutta Gutberlet (geography) - Oustanding Community Service Award

The 2014 Excellence Award winners:

James Rowe (environmental studies) - Teaching Excellence Award

G. Cornelis van Kooten (economics) - Research Excellence Award

Stella Chan and Joyce Gutensohn (sociology) - Meritorious Staff Contributions Award

Val Schaefer (environmental studies) - Oustanding Community Service Award

The 2013 Excellence Award winners:

Janni Aragon (political science) - Teaching Excellence Award

John Volpe (environmental studies) - Research Excellence Award

Lori Cretney and Dallas Harwood (economics) - Meritorious Staff Contributions Award

Becky Wigen (anthropology) - Outstanding Community Service Award

The 2012 Excellence Award winners:

April Nowell (anthropology) - Teaching Excellence Award

Trisalyn Nelson (geography) and Rob Walker (political science) - Research Excellence Award

Barb Roberts (Dean's Office) - Meritorious Staff Contributions Award

Bill Carroll (sociology) - Outstanding Community Service Award

The 2011 Excellence Award winners:

Warren Magnusson (political science) - Teaching Excellence Award

Stuart MacDonald (psychology) - Research Excellence Award

Diane Braithwaite (geography) - Meritorious Staff Contributions Award

Brenda Beckwith (environmental studies) - Outstanding Community Service Award

The 2010 Excellence Award winners:

Kara Shaw (environmental studies) - Teaching Excellence Award

Malcolm Rutherford (economics) - Research Excellence Award

Chris Darby (psychology) - Meritorious Staff Contributions Award

Cecilia Benoit (sociology) - Outstanding Community Service Award