Co-operative education

Co-op student Shane Morrissey.
Sociology student Shane Morrissey spent a co-op term working for CanAssist, a UVic-based organization dedicated to developing and delivering technologies, programs and services that improve the quality of life of those with special needs.

At UVic, learning extends beyond the classroom. Through UVic's co-operative education program, Social Sciences students alternate terms in class with paid work terms in positions related to their field of study.

What are the benefits?

Through co-op, students:

  • connect their classes to their career
  • clarify their strengths, interests and goals
  • develop competencies to help them excel in the workplace
  • work for employers in their field
  • build a valuable network of contacts
  • earn a salary to help them pay for tuition

Access career resources

Co-op and Career provides students with resources to help them develop their career pathways. These include resources to help them develop career goals, search for work and develop competencies.