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Our highest priority is to help our students succeed.

By contributing to, or creating, a student award, whether it is a scholarship based on academic achievement or a bursary based on financial need, you'll help deserving students access a potentially world changing education. Please consider a donation to the Social Sciences Student Awards Fund.

The Stephens Family Research Awards in Organic and Sustainable Food Systems

Students in the Faculty of Social Sciences pursuing novel research in the areas of organic food, sustainable food systems, community and agricultural development, food security or environmental stewardship in agriculture.

Accepted research areas include: organic foods, sustainable food systems, community and agricultural development, food security, or environmental stewardship in agriculture.  Excluded research areas include: climate change denials, GMO research, seafood, animal husbandry or ethnobotany without agricultural applications.

The deadlines for these applications.

  • Graduate awards: September 15, 2020
  • Undergraduate awards: May 31, 2020 - deadline extended to June 30,2020

Undergraduate student application form.

Graduate student application form.

Your support is needed for the next generation of change-makers.

Student programs such as co-op placements, field studies and exchange programs are now critical to the enriched study of the social sciences. Community placements and public service opportunities also help students reach out and bring knowledge learned at the university to the community. All of these activities add additional financial burdens to students, but add significant value to their degree.

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