Elders in Residence

Elders are the caretakers of cultural wisdom. They are pivotal in protecting the indigenous ways of knowing and being that have been passed down to them for generations from the ancestors. The cultural wisdom of Elders defines and informs the manner in which indigenous people live in the modern world. Elders know it is their responsibility to share their guiding wisdom with students, staff, faculty and the broader community.

The Elders are on a summer break until September 2021. Depending on health guidelines this fall, we anticipate that the Elders will offer both in-person meetings at the First Peoples House and virtual meetings for remote students. Please check back in August for updates on the Elders in Residence program.

For more Information on the Elders in Residence program, please contact Diane Sam, Cultural Protocol Liaison at iacecpl@uvic.ca.

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Gerry Ambers Victor Underwood  May Sam Barb Hulme Doug & Kathy Lafortune

If you have any questions about SELW̱ÁN SḰÁL (Elders Voices) or would like to schedule a meeting with an Elder, please contact the .