Elders in Residence

The Elders in Residence provide spiritual support, encouragement and guidance for Indigenous students at UVic.

Elders are the caretakers of cultural wisdom. They are pivotal in protecting the Indigenous ways of knowing and being that have been passed down to them for generations from their ancestors. The cultural wisdom of Elders defines and informs the manner in which Indigenous people live in the modern world. Elders know it is their responsibility to share their guiding wisdom with students, staff, faculty and the broader community.

Elders in Residence: FPH, Elders Lounge, Monday to Friday from 10am-2pm

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Eydie & Gerry Wilbert May Barb Doug & Kathy

To learn more about the Elders in Residence, you can read their full bios in the most recent səlxʷéyn sqʷél SELWÁN SḰÁL Elders Voices Booklet.

If you are not an Indigenous student but wish to meet with an Elder, please read the guidelines on our website prior to submitting a request. All requests are reviewed prior to approval to ensure the criteria meets the necessary guidelines. All requests must be submitted two weeks in advance. We apologize if our procedures cause you inconvenience, however, we are working purposely to support our Elders in all that they do, and this means considerable time lines and pre-planning.