Information for band-funded students

If you're a student receiving band funding, there are a number of things you will want to let your sponsor know about paying tuition and purchasing textbooks and materials.

For support with any of these processes, please contact the .


Band-funded students must obtain Third party billing information and a Third party billing form to be completed by your Band office. The office may then fax or email the form to Accounting Services. Please ensure that the forms are sent before the following tuition deadlines:

  • September 30 (fall session)
  • January 31 (winter session)
  • May 31 (summer session)

Books and supplies

Band sponsors will need to send documentation to the UVic Bookstore specifying the following:

  • what the student is being sponsored for (i.e. textbooks only, textbooks and school supplies)
  • the dollar amount the student is sponsored for
  • the number of semesters the student is sponsored, and whether the dollar amount specified is per semester or per academic year

Sponsors may either choose to fill out a sponsorship form or write a letter including the above information on official Band letterhead. A new sponsorship form or letter will need to be sent each September.

The form or letter may then be sent or delivered in person to the Bookstore.

Students: when you go to the Bookstore to buy your books, please ask for a sponsorship form at the Bookstore information desk. When you have finished choosing your books, you can bring the sponsorship form to any of the cashiers.


Residence Services Third Party Billing Authorization form

Health and dental insurance

Students with a Status Card can permanently opt out of the extended health and dental charges by taking their Status Cards to the Undergraduate Admissions and Records office (Undergraduate Students) or the Graduate Admissions and Records office (Graduate Students).

The deadline to opt out of the extended health and dental charges is September 30th for the fall term and January 31st for the winter term. Most sponsored students are required, by their sponsor, to opt out of the health and dental fees. Students who do not opt out will be responsible for paying these fees.   
Students who already have extended health and dental coverage, but do not have a status card, can opt out of the health and dental fees online through the website

The opt out period is August 22 to September 22  for the fall term and December 22 to January 22 for the winter term. Students who opt out through the website are required to opt out annually.