The Giving Back Project

In 2009, David Fate Norton and Mary J. Norton donated five pieces of Indigenous art to the First Peoples House in hopes of encouraging others to also give back to the university. Professor Kerry Mason from the Department of History in Art helped the Nortons with their efforts.

Dr. Norton is a retired philosophy scholar and researcher from McGill University and a former editor for the Oxford University and McGill University Presses. Mary Norton is a retired high school teacher. Both remain committed supporters of Indigenous students' pursuit of higher learning.

Works Donated:

  • "Our Beginnings": U009.2.1, Art Thompson, Screen print, 50/133, 1999
  • "Change of Season": U009.2.2, Manuel Salazar, Screen print, 146/160
  • "Twin Humans": U009.2.3, Art Thompson, Screen print
  • "Berry Picker in the Moon": U009.2.4, Kevin Neel Ryland, Haida artist, Screen print
  • "Owl": U009.2.5, Mark Henderson, Kwakuitl artist, Screen print