SELW̱ÁN SḰÁL (Elders Voices)

Elders are the foundation of Indigenous communities and act as the glue that keeps our people together. They are the keepers of sacred stories, songs, language, culture and traditions. Today at UVic, Elders provide the cultural and spiritual foundation for IACE and help maintain relationships between the office and UVic administration, faculty, staff and students. 

Knowledge and encouragement from Elders informs research protocol, human resources and policy development at UVic. Academic and administrative departments also frequently consult with Elders about important cultural practices. Most importantly, Elders give vital support to UVic students, staff and faculty members.

If you have questions about SELW̱ÁN SḰÁL (Elders Voices) or would like to schedule a meeting with an Elder, please contact the . Accounting Services has developed new procedures for processing payments for Elders and community members.


Elders are generally available to meet from 10:00a.m. to 2:00p.m. Monday through Friday from September through April in the Elders Lounge, FPH Room 112.