SELW̱ÁN SḰÁL (Elders' Voices) background

SELW̱ÁN SḰÁL (Elders' Voices) was established in 2007. The vision of the SELWÁN ȽTE – Elders group came to fruition through a partnership between Camosun College and the University of Victoria with the support of the Aboriginal Service Plan. The partners engaged in dialogue with various Indigenous communities on southern Vancouver Island seeking guidance about the educational priorities of Aboriginal students and communities.

One key theme that came from these conversations was that students and communities would like to see more meaningful engagement between Elders, Camosun College and the University of Victoria. Elders were invited to gather and offer their guidance in what “meaningful engagement” might look like by talking to students. Over time the partnership between Camosun College and UVic has evolved with each institution creating programming that reflects their own unique needs. 

To learn more about the Elders in Residence, you can read their full bios in the most recent səlxʷéyn sqʷél SELWÁN SḰÁL Elders Voices Booklet.