Counselling for Indigenous students

Roger John and Marcey Louie are the Counsellors for Indigenous Students. The Counsellor for Indigenous Students position is the result of a collaborative and respectful working relationship between Counselling Services and the Office of Indigenous Academic & Community Engagement.

Although Roger’s and Marcey’s primary responsibility is to provide counselling to Indigenous students, Indigenous students are not limited to seeing them. Indigenous students also have the options of seeing non-Indigenous counsellors at Counselling and/or meeting with an Old One/Elder in Residence at the First Peoples House.

Roger and Marcey offer a safe and caring space that honours Indigenous knowledge, experience and ways of healing. Roger and Marcey address mental health concerns using a balance of Indigenous perspectives with appropriate and respectful mainstream approaches. Additionally, they respect the diverse cultural backgrounds and levels of knowledge of all Indigenous students. Both of their counselling approaches can address the intergenerational effects of colonial traumas and/or the challenges of being a post-secondary student.

To Book an Appointment

To book an individual appointment with Roger, Marcey or another counsellor at UVic Counselling, Indigenous students can call 250-721-8563.

You can also see our Personal Counselling page for more information.