The support for VICTA is centred at the University of Victoria Department of Physics and Astronomy.

The high school physics teacher VICTA collaborators at the four high schools are;

Parkland Secondary, sd63, 10640 McDonald Park Rd.,

Sidney BC V8L 5S7

Mr. Andrew Roome

Claremont Secondary, sd63, 4980 Wesley Rd,

Victoria BC V8Y 1Y9

Mr. Matt Belvedere

Mr. Rodney Paananen

Mr. John Vucko

Belmont Secondary, sd62, 3067 Jacklin Rd.,

Victoria BC V6B 5R1

Ms. Jennifer London

Esquimalt High School, sd61, 847 Colville Rd.,

Victoria BC V9A 4N9

Ms. Dana Bjornson

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Portable detector

Portable detectors setup for cosmic ray shower experiment

Speed table

Students at Parkland High School performing muon speed experiment

Speed ladder

Muon Speed experiment