ATLAS masterclass 2019

 The VISPA ATLAS group hosted its 8th Masterclass on 13 April 2019, with 25 excellent students from eight high schools around the Victoria area.  The students gathered at the University of Victoria for a one day crash course in particle physics, experiencing what it's like to be a particle physicist and ATLAS scientist. 

The program included three presentations from particle physics researchers on particle physics theory and cosmology (from UVic theorist Saeid Foroughi), on the Large Hadron Collider and the ATLAS detector (from UVic ATLAS physicist Kayla McLean), and on the analysis of collision data (from UVic Belle2+Babar physicist Savino Longo).  The Masterclass students interacted with cool physics demonstrations, connected to a live video tour of the ATLAS control room in CERN, and experienced hands on analysis of actual ATLAS data to find Z and Higgs bosons, and to search for undiscovered new particles, with thanks to very helpful advice from UVic ATLAS physicists Danika MacDonell and Mahayer Shroff.  Results were shared via video conference with other teams in Vancouver at TRIUMF and Simon Fraser University.  Many thanks to all the high school teachers and students for their participation, and to the many VISPA members and UVic staff and faculty involved in organizing this event.