Register for PIMS Network graduate course


The PIMS Network-wide graduate courses draw from the PIMS network to deliver a rich variety of graduate level courses in the mathematical sciences at PIMS member universities. Registration is open for courses for the September to December 2023 fall academic term. The Western Dean's Agreement deadline for applying to take fall term transfer courses at other western Canadian universities is July 21, 2023.


Michael Monagan
Simon Fraser University
Computer Algebra

Adam Topaz
University of Alberta
Formalization of Mathematics

Julien Arino
University of Manitoba
Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis

Alia Hamieh
University of Northern British Columbia
Moments of L-functions

Young-Heon Kim
Soumik Pal
University of Washington
Optimal Transport + Gradient Flows

Shaun Lui
Mikael Slevinsky
University of Manitoba
Spectral Methods for PDEs

Li Xing
University of Saskatchewan
Statistical Machine Learning for Data Science

If you are interested in taking any of these courses, please reach out to

Anthony Quas, (, PIMS UVic Site Director, or to

Kristina McKinnon (, the PIMS UVic Site Administrator.