Diversity in Math Undergrad Summer School

Pacific Institute of Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) is hosting “Diversity in Math”, a two-week outreach summer program devoted to enhancing the presence of under-represented groups in STEM fields. All eligible students from Canadian universities are encouraged to apply.

One arm of the program is open to female-identified undergraduate students studying mathematics or a related discipline such as computer science, physics and statistics. The purpose of his program is to introduce the undergraduate participants to a wide variety of mathematics-based professions and careers, within and outside academia.

Accepted participants will be eligible to receive travel and accommodation funding for this event.

Mentorship is an important component of the program. Undergraduate participants are expected to interact with senior mathematicians in academia and industry, and also act as mentors for high school students around the lower mainland who are considering a STEM-based career.

Below is some basic information about the program: 

Location: UBC & SFU

Dates: August 4 - August 14, 2020

Website: https://www.pims.math.ca/scientific-event/200804-dmussir 

Course 1: “Inverse problems and images” by Dr. Tracey Balehowsky, University of  


Course 2: “Self-complementary graphs and cyclic hypergraph decompositions” by Dr.

                   Shonda Dueck, University of Winnipeg

The application process is ongoing. For more information about the application procedures please visit https://www.pims.math.ca/scientific-event/200804-dmussir

The deadline for applications is March 20, 2020. Please apply early. 


Malgorzata Dubiel (SFU)

Veselin Jungic (SFU)

Malabika Pramanik (UBC)

Elyse Yeager (UBC)

Poster for 2020 Diversity in Math