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Dr. Julia Baum, Award for Research Excellence, 2015-2016

Science recognizes the quality and impact of our faculty annually by presenting an Award for Research Excellence.

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2015-16 Award for Research Excellence

Julia Baum, Biology

Dr. Julia Baum is an outstanding marine ecologist and conservation biologist in the Department of Biology.  Her work is motivated by a fundamental desire to understand how human activities are changing marine ecosystems, and what the consequences of these changes are for nature and for people.

Julia received her PhD in 2007 and came to UVic in 2011.  She arrived with an international reputation for her highly cited studies of sharks, published in Science and other top-ranked journals, and she has continued to build upon this reputation.  To date she has published over 35 papers and given more than 41 invited scientific presentations, including a presentation to the Royal Society of Canada (2015) and a ‘Rising Star in Ecology’ plenary address at the University of Toronto (2013).  Julia and her research team have presented an additional 45 talks at scientific conferences since 2011.  Julia has been recognized for her research in marine conservation by an Ecological Society of America Sustainability Science Award; and she has been selected as a member of the Global Young Academy, an elite group of 200 young scientists from around the world, chosen for the excellence of their science and their commitment to service.  She has also been invited to join the Governor General’s Committee to Enhance Global Recognition for Canadian Research.

Reviewers of Julia’s work uniformly praise her accomplishments.  She is considered a “major player globally in ecology and marine conservation”, a “thought leader in marine conservation”, and “one of the very best early-career marine biologists in the world”. The breadth of Julia’s work is notable, where her strong, field-based research program, combined with meta-analyses of global fisheries and publications on the natural history of marine organisms, creates a body of work considered to be of “significant importance for conservation and management of fisheries world-wide”.  Her results have provided the foundation for listings of almost 20 shark species on international endangered species lists, and her work is providing invaluable resources for fisheries management and research.

Julia’s contagious excitement and passion for her research inspires young researchers.  She has graduate and undergraduate students working on significant projects locally and overseas.  These studies utilize rigorous research to inform decisions related to societal needs for ocean resources.  Opportunities for Julia’s students range from studies of local sea grass communities to investigations of coral bleaching in the tropics.  Julia is a strong recruitment focus for excellent students into the Department.

Julia’s research epitomizes the UVic ideals of dynamic learning arising from work with vital impact conducted in extraordinary environments.  We are very proud to award Julia with the 2016 Faculty of Science Award for Research Excellence.  

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