Robin Hicks


Professor and Acting AVP
Academic Planning

BSc 1990 (Dalhousie)
PhD 1994 (Guelph)
NSERC PDF 1994-96 (UC Santa Barbara)

Office: Elliott 166
Phone: +1 250-721-7062
Fax: +1 250-721-7147



The Hicks research program encompasses synthetic inorganic and organic chemistry. We are interested in the design, synthesis and study of coordination complexes (transition metal, main group, lanthanide) containing "functional ligands", wherein the ligand is redox-active, spin-containing (i.e. radical-based), intensely coloured, or some combination of these properties.  We use many different techniques to explore and understand the unusual and interesting properties of these ligands and their complexes. Our ultimate goals are to develop our molecules for a wide-ranging suite of applications including advanced electronic/optical materials, catalysis, and alternative energy.


Robin's teaching interests are in inorganic chemistry and materials chemistry. Robin has taught structure and bonding, introductory inorganic chemistry, introductory and advanced transition metal chemistry, materials science, and coordinated the property directed synthesis graduate discussion course.