Dennis Hore



BSc 1996 (McMaster)
PhD 2002 (Queen's)
Postdoctoral Fellow 2003-06 (Univ. of Oregon)

Office: Elliott 318
Phone: +1 250-721-7168
Fax: +1 250-721-7147


Our group is interested in solving structural problems in biophysical chemistry and materials science. On the biophysical end, we work towards elucidating the structure of membranes and adsorbed proteins. In the area of materials science, we seek to understand how polymer surface structure evolves from bulk structure. Ulitimately, these two pursuits are related in that characterization of substrate surfaces and adsorbates will provide molecular-level clues to identify specific adsorbate-surface interactions that govern adsorbed biomolecule structure.


My teaching interests are in the fields of general, physical, and analytical chemistry. I am also interested in promoting computer programming for laboratory automation and data analysis.