Dr. Louise Page

Dr. Louise Page
Associate Professor
Office: PCH 009

Areas of research focus

  • Evolution of development – gastropod molluscs
  • Biology of marine invertebrate larvae
  • Functional morphology of marine invertebrates
  • Invertebrate neurobiology

My research primarily focuses on how developmental organization has influenced evolution of morphology. I study comparative patterns of gastropod development to reconstruct how development has changed during evolution to generate the hugely diverse morphological systems of gastropods.

A particular focus is evolution of feeding structures among gastropods that begin life as a phytoplankton-feeding larval stage but then transition very rapidly to juveniles that feed on a very different type of food. Results to date suggest that a modular organization of development has been key to facilitating evolutionary change in feeding structures, both between species and within the life history of individual species.

Research by members of my lab has also explored topics of functional morphology and life history patterns among various groups of marine invertebrates, for example: the neuromuscular system of staurozoan cnidarians, the life history and development of box crabs, and neural and morphological mechanisms underlying autotomy behaviour in nudibranch gastropods.

  • Biol 321 - Survey of Marine Invertebrates
  • Biol 322 – Biology of Marine Invertebrates
  • MRNE 410 – Marine Invertebrate Zoology – Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

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