Dr. Asit Mazumder

Dr. Asit Mazumder
Office: CUN 028a

Areas of research focus

  • Nutrient-Foodweb ecology of freshwater and marine ecosystems
  • Comparative ecology of temperate, subtropical and tropical ecosystems
  • Transport and pathways of nutrients and contaminants in aquatic foodwebs
  • Isotope biogeochemistry of aquatic foodwebs
  • Ecology and molecular microbiology of waterborne pathogens, waterborne disease & public health

My research activities cover multiple areas of aquatic sciences: nutrient-foodweb ecology of freshwater and marine ecosystems; land-use and climate impacts on loading of nutrients, contaminants and pathogens to freshwater ecosystems; genomics of fecal bacteria to track animal sources.

Nutrient-foodweb ecology research has been focusing on feeding ecology, growth and survival of juvenile pacific ecosystems in coastal marine ecosystems.

Land-use and climate impact research have been focusing on community watersheds of lakes, reservoirs and rivers on Vancouver Island and northern and interior of BC.

Bacterial source tracking using genomics of fecal bacteria in collaboration with several regional water districts on Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Kelowna, Kamloops and Vernon, and the results are being used in regional land-use planning for water safety.

  • BIOL 346: Freshwater Ecosystems
  • BIOL 446: Advanced Aquatic Ecology
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