University of Victoria Retirees Association

Lecture hall presentations

Lecture hall presentations

Dr. Ed Ishiguro, left, shares his expertise through presentations organized by Dr. David Docherty, right.

UVRA board members

UVRA board members

UVRA board members Julianna Saxton, Peter Liddell and Zulette Gordon address the governance of the association.

UVRA members enjoy various activities

UVRA members enjoy various activities

UVRA members enjoy various activities throughout the year such as cider tasting at Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse.

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Welcome to the online home of the University of Victoria Retirees Association (UVRA).  Our goals are to maintain optimum liaison with the University, and foster the social, personal, and intellectual wellbeing of our members and our community.

Our 700+ members enjoy numerous benefits, but access to alternative extended health and travel insurance is possibly the main reason for joining. The also have access to special parking rates, gym and pool access, some library priivileges, free use of online counselling services, and reduced membership rates at the University Club.

Membership is open to persons retired from UVic who meet the present criteria for joining UVRA, and, to current UVic faculty and staff of 55+ years of age who will be retiring from UVic. A limited number of retirees from other post-secondary institutions are also eligible to become Associate members, with slightly more restricted benefits. Spousal membership is available to spouses and partners of members in good standing. Spousal Members need to be age 55 or older; are not required to pay dues; not entitled to vote; and do not have direct access to any other benefits. Spouses or partners of deceased Full, Honorary or Associate Members who have reached age 55 or older are eligible to apply to become voting Associate Members with the same status (lifetime or annual) and benefits as the deceased member.

Both annual and lifetime memberships are presently offered, but we encourage our members to take a lifetime membership to reduce the administrative work. As you will discover for yourselves, membership in UVRA may be one of life’s last great bargains.

Our members stay in touch with one another through Grey Matters! our quarterly newsletter, the Masterminds series of events held during the month of April each year, and by attending our educational and social events throughout the academic (September - June) year. 

The UVRA Graduate Student Scholarship Fund, a more recent initiative, is designed to promote research into an older population in cooperation with the Institute on Aging and Lifelong Health (IALH).

The final report on the members survey we conducted in February is now available at our website, and we encourage everyone to read it: 2022 member survey results!

As a registered member-funded, association under the BC Societies Act, we depend on members who are willing to support the organization by volunteering their help on the UVRA Board and/or on committees, and/or in organizing one or more of our events. If you can help us, please contact