Walker, Ian


Phone number: (250) 721-7347
Email: ijwalker@uvic.ca
Department: Geography

Research description:

Research Description

Beach and dune geomorphology

Sedimentary processes

Coastal erosion

Wind (aeolian) processes

Expertise profile

Professor Walker is a geomorphologist with expertise in beach and sand dune geomorphology, sedimentary processes, wind (aeolian) processes, and the impacts coastal erosion and sea level changes. Dr. Walker's research takes place on beaches and dunes across north America in Prince Edward Island National Park, Haida Gwaii, Pacific Rim National Park, and Cape Cod National Seashore. This work involves close collaboration with Parks Canada, BC Parks, US National Park Service, the Geological Survey of Canada, and many international colleagues. Dr. Walker directs the Coastal Erosion & Dune Dynamics (CEDD) Laboratory, which studies the erosion, dynamics, and restoration of sandy beach-dune systems and explores linkages to land use changes and climatic change impacts using leading-edge technology and collaborative training opportunities.

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International research:

Co-investigator: US-National Science Foundation Collaborative Research Program, “Dune dynamics at Cape Cod National Seashore” with US National Parks Service, Louisiana State University and East Carolina University, 2010-14.

International activities:

Collaborative research on airflow dynamics over sand dunes using Computational Fluid Dynamics computer simulations with colleagues from Leeds University and Sheffield University.

Countries lived or worked in:

United States

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