van Veggel, Franciscus



Phone number: (250) 721-7184
Department: Chemistry

Research description:

- New nanomaterials for optical devices (laser, optical amplifiers and light-emitting diodes) and diagnostics
- New nanomaterials with magnetic and optical properties, the latter focussed on the near-infrared (~700 to 1700 nm)
Expertise Profile
Dr. Frank van Veggel's work may not be visible to the naked eye, but it could change the way we see things.

Dr. van Veggel is a professor in the University of Victoria's chemistry department and an international leader in the design and study of new photonic, or light-emitting, nanomaterials and magnetic nanomaterials. He holds a Canada Research Chair in Supramolecular Photonic Materials.

He is particularly interested in the health applications of these nanomaterials, including new biolabels, which can be used to detect diseases such as cancer. The materials produced in his lab will be used to improve the contrast in MRI machines, so cancerous tumours can be seen more clearly.

Eventually Dr. van Veggel hopes to make materials that not only image cancer but treat it as well.

His lab also works on optimizing nanomaterials for use in quantum computing and telecommunication.

In the classroom, he prepares students for research and for the experience of failure when an experiment doesn't go the way it could have. His years of experience have taught him that every apparent failure still teaches us something.

Dr. van Veggel has always been an optimistic guy - his ultimate goal is to one day get at least one chemical compound into a clinical trial.

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Dr. van Veggel's website:

Health related research:

He is working on diagnostics based on luminescent nanoparticles.

Countries lived or worked in:

The Netherlands


Dutch, German

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