Rodriguez de France, Maria

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-8633
Department: Curriculum and Instruction

Research description:

-Indigenous education and culture
-Diversity and multiculturalism
- Social Justice
-Indigenous early childhood education
Expertise Profile
How do you learn? Our country is home to people of many backgrounds, cultures and values, and they each have different approaches to education.

In Canada, schools often elude Indigenous approaches to teaching and learning, but Dr. Rodriguez de France is determined to see future teachers use them in their classrooms. Among other courses, she teaches UVic's course on Indigenous education, which is required for student teachers.

"The course was developed having in mind the ethical responsibility of teachers to learn about the territory in which they will be working and the people of the land; teachers need to be better prepared to serve Indigenous children and youth within the schools."

In all her classes, Dr. Rodriguez de France lets future teachers experience Indigenous culture, history, and ways of knowing the world. How? She brings her guitar to class, and takes her students out for walks "not to pass the time, but to reflect."

Moreover, Dr. Rodriguez de France wants to help pre-service teachers appreciate and respect the multiple approaches to learning found across the globe. This is why she is also interested in internationalization--she wants to help her students appreciate and respect multiple ways of understanding the world, and to use teaching approaches that will support and reflect diversity in their classrooms.

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International research:

I am working with the Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas (Mexico), with the East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai, and with Universidad de Costa Rica.

International activities:

I am working on a collaborative initiative with the University College of Copenhagen designing and delivering an International Summer Institute.

Countries lived or worked in:

Mexico and Brazil.



Community projects

"Capturing Stories, Expanding Knowledge" project in partnership with WSANEC Adult Education Centre

UVic Speakers bureau

Maria Rodriguez de France takes part in the UVic Speakers Bureau.
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