Mainprize, Brent



Phone number: (250) 721-6404
Department: Business

Research description:

-Business planning
-Strategic plans
-Economy prosperity initiatives
-Entrepreneurship training
-Aboriginal Economic Development
Expertise Profile
For over a decade, entrepreneur and business professor Brent Mainprize has helped new entrepreneurs find success in the marketplace.

Dr. Mainprize is an expert in entrepreneurial business modelling and opportunity evaluation. He works closely with over 25 Aboriginal communities in northern BC to help them grow their economies. Approximately twice a year, he leads the Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurs program (ACE) on reserve lands where he and other UVic faculty members teach Aboriginal students about entrepreneurship and how to create their own businesses.

Most universities providing education for Aboriginal people ask students to leave the reserve to come to their schools. There are better ways to reach Aboriginal students, says Dr. Mainprize. "Often, the support system in Aboriginal communities is very much about the family, so pulling a person out of that scenario is not always the best recipe for success. What we do is take the university to the communities."

Dr. Mainprize gives business students more than just academic knowledge; he gives them practical tools to help them build their businesses. He's developed software-driven, web-based tool called the "Venture intelligence quotient," (VIQ) that evaluates business risk using 15 determining principles of a company's success. The tool helps entrepreneurs decide if they can successfully launch their business and sustain it while making a profit. VIQ has been used in Canada, Australia and Italy, and it has been translated into Danish and Mandarin for Universities in Denmark and China.

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