Laskarin, Daniel

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Visual Arts


Phone number: (250) 721-8018
Department: Visual Arts

Research description:

- Visual art, including sculpture, media arts, photography, public art, art history, theory and criticism
Expertise Profile
When you walk down the street and see a store display, that's a kind of art. When you go to a movie, that's also a kind of art.

For Daniel Laskarin, associate professor and chair of the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Victoria, art is everywhere. Much of it simply reaffirms what we already know, but as it shapes our thinking through perceptual experience it's doing the work of art.

Some of it asks questions or challenges our assumptions about our experience and the world around us; this is the interesting stuff.

His own artistic practice is object based, constructed to evoke an intellectual, imaginative and physical response from the viewer. He draws on principles of philosophy, psychology and engineering during the creation process.

Laskarin uses a diverse range of media including photography and video, optics, robotics systems, installation and sound works, set design and public image projections.

He has been awarded large-scale public commissions in Vancouver and Seattle and he has exhibited in Canada, the United States, Europe, Algeria and Brazil.

There is direct correlation between the kinds of investigations he does in his work and the kinds of investigations that he asks his students to make in their coursework.

Recently he has been using household furniture or resemblances of household furniture as a point of departure for his pieces. This preoccupation inspired a class project where his students had to transform an everyday piece of furniture into a piece of art. The results were wildly varied and excitingly imaginative - far from their starting points.

Laskarin's goal is to teach students what it means to be an artist in the contemporary realm and to make them question what art is and what it can be.

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International activities:

He has been involved with the international exhibition of his own artworks, and with several international collaborative art projects.

Countries lived or worked in:

The United States, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana and Australia, exhibition work in Brazil, the UK, France, and Algeria


French (limited)

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