Krigolson, Olave

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-7843
Department: School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Ed

Research description:

-Motor-learning and control
Expertise Profile
Neuroscientist Olav Krigolson wants to understand how we make decisions.

He measures people's brainwaves as they acquire new skills and make choices. With that information, he can see what part of the brain people use when making different types of decisions, such as emotional ones or logical ones. He also seeks to understand how people learn to make the choices they do. "When you make a decision it's usually based on experience, so learning experiences impact the decisions that you make," he says.

Through his research, Dr. Krigolson learns how external factors affect people's decision-making processes: "We're looking at why doctors make the decisions they do and how that changes with experiences and how it changes with fatigue. We can actually show with the brain that people are making poor decisions as fatigue increases because parts of their brain aren't performing the way they should."

Dr. Krigolson says his research has changed the way he teaches. After he assesses them, his students learn where they went wrong and can figure out how to improve. This is why Dr. Krigolson always allows his students to re-do exams. "If one of the goals of his class is to know the lobes of the brain, "he says, "do you really care if it takes students one try or ten? I just want them to know the lobes of the brain."

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International research:

Dr. Krigolson has a collaborative research project with Dr. David Turk at Bristol University in the United Kingdom examining the impact of perceived ownership on reward processing. He also has a collaborative research project with Dr. Ian Kirk at the University of Auckland in New Zealand examining the relationship between higher level cognitive learning systems and lower level cellular learning systems.

International activities:

He has taken part in and presented at numerous international conferences and meetings.

Countries lived or worked in:

In addition to Canada, he has have lived and worked in the USA, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.


French, German

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Olave Krigolson takes part in the UVic Speakers Bureau.
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