Bradley, Nicholas

Assistant Professor


Phone number: (250) 721-7273
Department: English

Research description:

- Literatures of the West Coast
- Literature and the Environment
- Canadian Literature
Expertise Profile
There has been literature on the West Coast of North America for a very long time.

As an academic discipline, however, the study of this literature is relatively new.

Dr. Nicholas Bradley is the first professor of literatures of the West Coast at the University of Victoria, and one of the few specialists in this field in the country.

He teaches a graduate course on the subject in which students learn about the poetry and prose of the region while visiting some of the local places that have shaped it.

You can learn a lot from being in the same place a writer has been, says Dr. Bradley. It's a way to put yourself in the writer's shoes and to try to understand the creative process of writing.

His research focuses on poetry of the West Coast. He looks for answers to questions such as "How do poets respond to places in their writing?" and "What knowledge of places do poems convey?"

Dr. Bradley is writing a book about poetry of the Pacific Northwest. The book examines the works of contemporary authors inspired by the West Coast and connects them to traditions of poetry and writers of the past.

Dr. Bradley also researches the historical processes in which oral traditions from the West Coast have been recorded in print and adapted by writers.



Community projects

Dr. Bradley's area of expertise is the literature of the West Coast, including Victoria and Vancouver Island.

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Nicholas Bradley takes part in the UVic Speakers Bureau.
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