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Research Reels video showcase finalists

Every year during Ideafest, videos created by students, faculty, staff and alumni are screened at the Research Reels video showcase. These videos demonstrate some of the fantastic research happening at UVic, both on campus and around the world.

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Ideafest 2020

Selected recordings from Ideafest 2020

Speaking the land: Tâ’ sqaqwélʔ laâ Ta’ Tè ŋ’exʷ ʔ

University Chancellor and celebrated broadcast journalist Shelagh Rogers leads an intimate conversation with Indigenous language champions Lorna Williams, Renee Sampson and Leslie Saxon. In B.C. and around the globe, Indigenous peoples are continuing their work to ensure languages are thriving and shape identity and a sense of place and belonging. Learn the vital role of Indigenous languages in maintaining the histories, knowledge and wisdom of a people, and how language holds the key to heal people and the land.

Host: Vice-President Research Lisa Kalynchuk
Facilitated by: Shelagh Rogers (UVic Chancellor and Honorary Witness to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada).
Speakers: Wanosts’a7 (Lorna Williams), Lil’watul, Professor Emerita of Indigenous Education, UVic; SX̱EDŦELISIYE (Renee Sampson) language revitalizationist, co-founder of the LE,NOṈET SCUL,ÁUTW̱ Immersion school; and Leslie Saxon, Professor, Department of Linguistics, UVic.
Title graciously translated by Elder Elmer Seniemtem George.


Food sovereignty in the era of climate crisis

What can communities do to sustainably manage local and regional food systems in a time of climate crisis and deepening inequality? UVic researchers from the Departments of Geography, History, Indigenous Studies, and the School of Public Health & Social Policy hold a conversation about food security initiatives in urban Victoria, the Canadian North and around the world.

Host: Oliver Schmidtke (Director, Centre for Global Studies)
Presenters: Jeff Corntassel (CIRCLE and Department of Indigenous Studies); Maeva Gauthier and Jutta Gutberlet (Centre for Global Studies, Community-based Research Lab, Department of Geography); Zaher Ghezeljeh (Community-based Research Lab, Department of Geography); Matthew Little (School of Public Health & Social Policy); and Elizabeth Vibert (Centre for Global Studies, Department of History)

Changemakers: Bright minds and big ideas

Three of UVic's internationally recognized researchers share their stories of innovation through fast-paced, interactive conversations on some of the most pressing issues facing our world.Be inspired by the latest discoveries in mental health, materials science and the impact of climate change on our oceans.

Host: Lisa Kalynchuk, Vice-President Research
Presenters: Hector J. Caruncho (Canada Research Chair in Translational Neuroscience): Mental health research in the 21st century; Roberta Hamme (Canada Research Chair in Ocean Carbon Dynamics): Transforming the way we observe the ocean; and Ian Manners (Canada 150 Research Chair in Materials Science): Growing nano-sized solutions to global challenges.

Beyond plastic: Exploring the issue of waste in Canada

How do we move beyond plastic? Will a soft plastic ban actually work? What are the politics of waste in Canada? And can mechanisms be created to support a plastic-free economy? These are just some of the questions our panel of social scientists will explore as we move toward solutions to our plastic problem. Join the discussion on how to solve Canada’s waste dilemma.

Presenters: Jutta Gutberlet (Department of Geography), Pascal Courty (Department of Economics), Will Greaves (Department of Political Science) and Deborah Curran (School of Environmental Studies and Faculty of Law)

Ideafest 2019

Selected recordings from Ideafest 2019

Changemakers: Bright minds and big ideas

UVic is home to 38 internationally recognized Canada Research Chairs that are pushing the frontiers of knowledge in their fields. Join three of these preeminent scholars as they share their stories of innovation in medical science.

Host: David Castle, former vice-president research
Presenters: Stephanie Willerth (Canada Research Chair in Biomedical Engineering); Magdalena Bazalova-Carter (Canada Research Chair in Medical Physics); and Jeremy Wulff (Canada Research Chair in Bioactive Small Molecule Synthesis) 


Climate visions

From changes in sea ice to harvest cycles for plants and animals, climate change is having a profound impact on activities and livelihoods on Canada's coasts. Join UVic's leading ocean experts and partners to discover how Indigenous climate history, underwater observatories and satellite data are being utilized to understand these changes.



The intersecting cultures of whales and humans

Whales have their own cultures – but how have they influenced human cultures and history? This panel discussion will invite the audience into a conversation with experts from UVic and across North America, to study the intersection of whale and human culture and explore what these connections tell us about our shared past and coexistence in the future.

Presenters: Jason M. Colby (Department of History, University of Victoria), Bathsheba Demuth (Department of History, Brown University), Ryan Tucker Jones (Department of History, University of Oregon), Jim Sumich (Oregon State University/Hatfield Marine Science Center, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife) and Hal Whitehead (Department of Biology, Dalhousie University)



Trust: Takes years to gain, but can be lost overnight

Whether it’s Tim Hortons' fall from grace or one more PR disaster in the airline industry, trust is important to all marketers, business leaders and consumers. Join Dr. Saul Klein, Dean of the Gustavson School of Business, and a panel of Canadian brand leaders as they explore the power and fragility of consumer trust and discuss highlights of the 4th annual Gustavson Brand Trust Index.

Host: Saul Klein, Gustavson School of Business
Presenters: Michael van Hemmen (Public Policy Manager, Uber), Dan MacKinnon (Associate Director, Corporate Responsibility, Loyalty One), James McDermott (Director, Brand Experience, BCAA)



Three Minute Thesis

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Indigenous law, women and human rights

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