The TIE lab provides state‐of‐the‐art infrastructure for systematically researching optimal e‐learning conditions, tools, processes and products.

Purpose of the Lab

The Technology Integration and Evaluation (TIE) Lab strengthens research excellence regarding the appropriate use of networked and computer‐mediated technologies for enhanced communication, learning, and motivation across educational, professional, and health sectors.

The TIE lab infrastructure supports contemporary calls for rigorous research in the area of technology-mediated learning as well as priorities set by the federal and provincial governments and the University of Victoria.  

Specific projects examine ethical and responsible use of AI, online and hybrid collaboration, development of digital literacy, examination of high-quality learning across modalities including multi-access learning designs to support access to education for remote learners, and technology for measurement and intervention of regulation of learning and teamwork. Findings inform research and practice across various learning contexts, including universities, colleges, distance education programs, community learning, professional development programs, workplace training sites, and informal self-directed study. Our specific areas of impact include professional learning, digital inclusion, equitable access, and digital literacy for learning across modalities.