TIE Research

Technology Integration and Evaluation Lab

The TIE lab supports schools through research partnerships, professional development support opportunities, and assistance in both strategic and informal planning. 

The TIE lab also collaborates with individuals through connected learning and networking them to appropriate people and resources that pertain to their inquiry. The TIE lab also provides undergraduate and graduate course offerings by both faculty and graduate students.

The TIE lab supports corporations through partnerships that evaluate products and services and advise on research findings and directions for development.

The co-directors and associate directors represent two departments within the Faculty of Education at the University of Victoria.

  • Dr. Irvine, Department of curriculum and instruction
  • Dr. Hadwin, Department of educational psychology and leadership studies
  • Dr. Miller, Department of educational psychology and leadership studies
  • Dr. Paskevicius,  Department of curriculum and instruction

Together their research interests range from topics like the implementation and evaluation of technologies in education and health sectors to the development of web-based learning programs to assist students in the process of self-regulated learning.