Dr. Allyson Hadwin, Co-Director

Dr. Allyson Hadwin is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership studies at the University of Victoria and co-director of CFI/BCKDF-funded Technology Integration and Evaluation (TIE) Research Lab. She has a PhD in Educational Psychology from Simon Fraser University, where she was awarded the Dean's Medal for Academic Excellence. She also holds a B.A.H in psychology, a B.Ed, and an M.Ed. in Education.

Allyson had been involved researching and developing technologies to promote self-regulated, co-regulated and socially shared regulation of learning for the past 15 years. Her research focuses primarily on instruction and technologies that support learners to choose, use and experiment with strategies for learning in both solo and collaborative environments. She is author or co-author on more than 30 peer reviewed publications, and 8 software applications. Most recent publications include 5 co-authored articles in a special issue in Computers and Human Behavior on computer supported collaborative learning.

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Research projects, interests & goals

Dr. Allyson Hadwin is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for her project “Researching self-regulation, co-regulation, and socially shared regulation of learning”. Students that self-regulate their learning monitor, evaluate, and adjust as necessary their behavior, cognition, and motivation for effective learning and the successful completion of academic tasks. Research conducted by Dr. Hadwin and colleagues has been foundational in expanding self-regulated learning theory and has been instrumental in developing tools for researching and analyzing SRL processes (e.g. gStudy and nStudy -- web-based tools developed to assist students in SRL). Using a computer based learning environment, Dr. Hadwin hopes to explore the underlying processes similar in self-regulated learning, co-regulated learning and socially-shared regulation of learning.

Dr. Allyson Hadwin is a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies at the University of Victoria Faculty of Education. Her research projects examine how task structure, feedback, instructional scaffolds, and collaborative dialogue support learners and instructors to accurately assess and attune task understanding, goal setting and planning, and learning strategy use. In this video, she discusses how her research helps learners become more successful and work more efficiently.