Student Opportunities

Carina Lottenberg - visiting student from Santa Casa de Sao Paulo Medical School

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students gain invaluable knowledge and research experience under the supervision of Dr. Christie. Many undergraduates in the Christie lab have presented at conferences and go on to continue their work at the graduate level. 

Students interested in completing an honours degree or taking a directed studies course are encouraged to contact with a copy of their transcripts and CV. The lab is often looking for volunteers to assist with experiment preparation, data collection and animal feeding.

For a list of successfully defended honours projects and completed directed studies projects, refer to the Undergraduate Student page. 

Graduate Students

The diverse array of sophisticated research techniques employed in the Christie Lab give rise to a unique interdisciplinary experience for graduate students. For more information about Neuroscience Graduate studies at UVic, visit the program's home page. 

Information about current graduate students and their research can be found on the Christie Lab's student page. All past graduate studies conducted in the lab can be found on the Graduate Student page.